As reported by the Daily Mail, this story dates back to November 28. A 4-year-old boy was herding cattle with his older siblings when a storm hit. The child, originally from Ada in Kenya, found himself separated from his family by the most torrential. Faced with this alarming situation, the community leader contacted the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an association that takes care of orphan elephants and wildlife. A few days earlier, the shelter had found a child thanks to its plane. Without hesitating for a second, the pilot Roan Carr-Hartley therefore went in search of the little one while 70 people searched the area.

The boy’s tracks had been discovered 7 km from his village but had become illegible due to the rain. Roan had flown over the perimeter for four hours but saw only packs of hyenas and jackals. The team was beginning to lose hope in the face of the grandeur of the savannah. Their only consolation was knowing that, thanks to the rain, the child would find water to hydrate. After five days of worry, the pilot was informed that other traces of the little one had been spotted 15 km away. The miracle finally happened after an hour of searching. “I couldn’t believe my eyes but he was there. I was in shock that he was still alive and walking,” he confessed.

Lost in the savannah, the child finds his family

Frightened by the plane, the child first hid in the bushes. “He was obviously hypoglycemic and was stumbling as he walked,” said Roan, who eventually alerted the search team: “They reached the boy, who was still frozen in disbelief that his ordeal was over. They picked him up and started cheering and singing.” Covered in mosquito bites and scratches, the little one was rehydrated and put on a drip before being taken home. Days later, Roan Carr-Hartley received a goat as a thank you, he also learned that the child had recovered and that his parents had added “Roan” to his name in honor of his heroic gesture.

At 4 years old this child managed to survive 6 days in the African savannah


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