At 38, Marcelo Bboy is already a grandfather. A grandpa like no other since he has no less than 1,500 tattoos all over his body.

Marcelo Bboy, from Bocaiuva in Brazil, got his first tattoo when he was 15 years old. An art that he particularly adores, as evidenced by the 1,500 drawings that cover his body. More passionate than ever, the 38-year-old has also tattooed his eyes and gums. But those aren’t his only body modifications. The Brazilian had nickel teeth fitted and split his tongue in two. A physical transformation that cost him a small sum. “I have about 98% of my body tattooed and I think I spent $40,000 (nearly 36,000 euros) for all these modifications,” he told the Daily Mirror.

But what do his relatives think? Marcelo Bboy, who has two children and a grandson, said his family don’t mind: “My children are totally comfortable with my tattoos and my daughter already has them. I will support them no matter what. that they make.” With his atypical look, the young grandfather is aware of not going unnoticed. A detail that is far from disturbing him: “Women are charmed by my tattoos and my modifications. Me, I like all my tattoos – I cannot choose only one as my favorite. Today, people look at me with curiosity and interest. But I don’t hear a lot of bad comments about my appearance.”

1,500 tattoos and counting!

Marcelo Bboy says it himself, he does not intend to stop there. The 30-year-old, who had an implant inserted under the skin of his left arm, wants to cover the last remaining virgin parts of his body. Considered a true work of art, he now works as a model and actor. He also participates in conventions. “I only have a few places left without tattoos – my private parts and small spaces on my leg, but I plan to tattoo them very soon. I was 22 when I realized I wanted more tattoos so if I can give any advice to those who would like to get started, it is to know exactly what they want and to work in the tattoo industry” he concluded.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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