It was only 24 hours before his death that doctors discovered the nature of his mysterious illness. It turns out that Carrianne Franks caught tuberculosis. That’s what got the better of her in the end. Carrianne Franks has sent a worrying message to her parents after she discovered she had tuberculosis, reports the Mirror. “Mom, they found out what I have. I have TB,” she texted her mother. According to what the family told Mirror, the 30-year-old nurse was admitted to intensive care following her diagnosis.

Sergeant Carrianne’s family also informed the tabloid that she had fallen into a coma and “no one told them she was going to die”. She died on August 27, 2022, 24 hours after being diagnosed. His family did not have time to say goodbye to him. Bev Franks, Carrianne’s mother, says her daughter was a dedicated and brave nurse. “Carrianne was there to save lives, she said it was her war,” she said, before continuing “They never thought they would have to fight for something like this.”

Victorian diseases back in the UK

The tuberculosis that killed Carrianne Franks was one of the Victorian illnesses that resurfaced a few years ago. The Mirror article of June 30, 2022 recalls that the tragic case of Carrianne comes amid concerns about “the resurgence of Victorian disease in the UK”. A week before the death of Carrianne Franks, the polio virus was detected for the first time in forty years in the sewers of London, reports The Mirror.

Carrianne Franks © The Mirror


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