In love, is age just a number? If one of the partners is younger or older, does it really matter if the love is there? Alina Rabea did not ask the question when she met her companion.

However, on the social networks where the 25-year-old young woman gathers a strong community, her couple disturbs. In question, the twenty-five years that separates her from her companion.

Twenty-five years apart

Alina Rabea has more than 110,300 followers and more than 1.7 million “Likes” on the TikTok social network in one month. On the latter, she and her boyfriend do not hesitate to display their relationship and to involve its subscribers in their daily life. However, in the comments under their videos, the messages are not always kind to the couple who do not seem to care much about the twenty-five years separating them.

A deep love

If Alina has chosen to publicly reveal her story, it is because it is, for the duo, a deep love where age has little interest. In a video that has racked up more than 1.2 million views, the couple appear in a park, sharing a kiss and then hugging each other. Alina’s companion then takes her in his arms before spinning her around. As comments, Alina added the hashtag #iloveyou and said she had strong feelings for the one who shares her life. “Thank you for the happiest year of my life,” she noted. “I don’t care what they say, I’m in love,” she added.

Love or venality?

But despite their displayed support for true love and affection, the young woman’s subscribers were shocked by their relationship and were quick to attack the couple for this age difference. “No, no” commented a first person. “I thought it was your father” insinuated a second while another made the same reflection. Some TikTok users didn’t hesitate to go further, alleging that Alina was definitely with her boyfriend for the money. “Sugar Daddy” asserted one person while a second asked “Does he have any money?” “. Nevertheless, Alina and her companion were able to count on a few compliments and encouragement around their idyll, some even wishing them good luck for the future. “It’s your life and I wish you a good life” concluded a subscriber.

At 25 she loves a man who could be her father


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