An explosive couple, not to say confusing. The romantic duo formed by Koran and Cheryl questions, surprises and even disturbs. On TikTok, this unusual couple talked about their love affair and their stark age difference.

Koran is 24 years old. Cheryl is 61. Between them, there is no question of a grandmother and grandson relationship. Although 37 years separate them, Koran and Cheryl are husband and wife. An unusual and confusing love story that they don’t hesitate to bring to life on TikTok.

In a recent video on the social network, Koran and Cheryl returned to the many hate messages frequently received about their relationship. An age difference which, if it makes people talk, also questions.

Permanent insults

Koran and Cheryl did not hesitate to list all the inappropriate comments of which they are the victims such as “You married your grandmother”, “You are a fossil”, “You should part ways”, “It is unhealthy. “,” He uses you “,” You should resort to Botox “or even” It’s necrophilia “. Following this first video, the couple posted a second clip explaining the reasons they believe people express such feelings towards them. “The 37-year-old gap,” the first reason given was followed by “because we’re an interracial couple” before stating “They can’t find their own happiness.” It was also an opportunity to look back on their meeting.

A strong spiritual connection

The couple met in 2012. Koran was only 15 at the time and worked at a fast food restaurant run by Cheryl’s son, Chris. “It wasn’t love at first sight because I was 15 when we met,” he said. However, after several years without seeing each other, the duo met again on November 4, 2020. At that time, Cheryl, mother of seven children, worked as a cashier at a convenience store “When I was 23, we connected to on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know each other and to bond. This is where our love really became strong “says Quran before adding” I have never felt what I feel for someone like Cheryl “. To the point of marrying her on September 3, 2021 in an intimate ceremony but nonetheless broadcast live on TikTok. The opportunity for their subscribers to see Cheryl walk up the aisle in a white dress as Quran stood proudly beside her “We got married in Tennessee. My best friends were there and then we went to the restaurant and had a really good meal “he recalls, not failing to add” We then went back to our hotel and had sex for a while. two o’clock “. If their relationship continues to be talked about, many of their subscribers are ready to defend them “If they are happy, leave them alone! “Did not fail to throw in a first while another added” Don’t hate them for their relationship, it’s their choice, not yours, so stay out. If you don’t like them, just keep going! “.


At 24 he is married to a 61-year-old woman and fully accepts their age difference
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