Her face may ring a bell, and for good reason: Alicia has been a social media star for months. On TikTok, the mother of four publishes videos of herself without complex to de-stigmatize her disability. She now has nearly 3 million followers on TikTok, and more than 127,000 on Instagram. She returns to her story in the columns of The Sun.

When her nightmare begins, Alicia is 21. She married Josh a year earlier, and is expecting their first child. But during this pregnancy, the teeth of the young woman begin to fall out. First his canines, then all the others. “Less than a year after I got married, I needed my first dentures,” says Alicia. A period full of anguish and doubt for the young woman. “I thought my husband might leave me. I thought I would never feel beautiful. I thought I had lost all of my value as a person.” Overnight Josh finds himself with a woman who looks nothing like the one he married. Yet, as he had promised, he remains with Alicia for better or for worse. “And we had a second baby, then a third and a fourth.”

Videos to de-stigmatize tooth loss

Today, Alicia wears her dentures daily and does not hesitate to show up on social networks to denounce the stigma often associated with dental prostheses. Faced with the hateful comments, she replied, “When you fall in love with someone, do you really think they’re perfect to begin with and nothing changes? People get sick sometimes.” But under his videos, many remain benevolent all the same. “Yes, please normalize young people with dentures! As a dental assistant, I hate to see how much it affects my patients’ self-esteem. You are so beautiful,” maybe read in the comments.

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