A terrible ambush. In Medellin de Bravo, Mexico, a 20-year-old woman, nine months pregnant, was found dead in a vacant lot. When the police discovered the body of the young woman, they found that her belly had been cut open and that her baby was missing.

According to information from the Mexican daily La Jornada, the victim, named Rosa Isela, had been contacted on Facebook by a woman who offered to offer her clothes for her future baby. Suffering from financial difficulties, the young woman then accepted the offer and went to the meeting point given by the Internet user. The two women were therefore to meet at the port of Veracruz, in the district of Las Bajadas, this Wednesday, November 30.

Mom-to-be’s body found on ranch

But after several hours with no news from Rosa Isela, her relatives, worried, decided to notify the police who opened an investigation. The police therefore decided to take a look at the port’s video surveillance cameras to try to move the case forward. In the footage, officers saw the mum-to-be was accosted by a woman who then ushered her into a vehicle.

72 hours later, the body of Rosa Isela was finally found at the “Los Arrieros” ranch, Rancho del Padre, Medellin de Bravo (Mexico). The two kidnappers and alleged murderers of the young woman were also found with the victim’s daughter. They have been remanded in custody pending their hearing to determine their legal status, as happens in Mexico. The infant meanwhile was entrusted to the family of Rosa Isela.

At 20 and 9 months pregnant, she falls into the fatal trap of a couple with limitless cruelty

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