On November 2, Bianca Palomera started her shift at Habit Burger Grill, an American fast food chain, in Antioch, California. But that night, her life changed. The 19-year-old saw four individuals intimidate the brother of one of her colleagues. The special needs boy was waiting for his sister to finish her work when one of the men verbally attacked him. Listening only to her courage, Bianca intervened. “He was throwing threats and insults saying he was going to hit him because he was looking in his direction. I intervened and said ‘It’s not right what you are doing'” she said on the KNTV television channel.

Antioch police are looking for the person who attacked a fast food work who was hit so hard she will lose her eye @nbcbayarea pic.twitter.com/CRotwDZMcY

— Cheryl Hurd (@hurd_hurd) November 17, 2022

Furious, the man violently attacked Bianca, punching her in the face. A fight broke out and several customers overpowered the individual, allowing the young woman to escape. The attacker quickly left the scene in a silver BMW. “He hit me once, and my helmet and glasses flew off my face,” the employee said. Shortly after the incident, she was taken to hospital for emergency surgery. On the spot, the doctors gave him terrible news. “Unfortunately, his injuries were irreversible and cost him the loss of his right eye,” his sister, Erika, announced in a Facebook post.

The man responsible for losing his ever-wanted eye

If I had to do it again, Bianca would do it again: “It’s obviously the last thing I expected. I don’t regret having acted, having intervened. Things could have been worse for the brother of my colleague.” The young woman’s family set up a GoFundMe page to pay for medical bills. At the time of writing, 132,000 euros have been raised out of a target of 160,000 euros. Habit Burger Grill shared a statement saying they are “assisting authorities in their efforts to identify suspects.” The Antioch Police Department confirmed that the investigation is continuing but no arrests have yet been made.

At 19 she loses an eye trying to help a child with special needs


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