The murder of New York City student Tessa Majors took place on December 11, 2019. CNN reports that Luchiano Lewis, currently 16, issued a statement to the court on Tuesday, September 21, to plead guilty. In his statement, then 14, the teenager was hanging out with two friends of the same age in a park in Manhattan with the aim of robbing passers-by.

Also according to the teenager’s press release, it was these two friends who started by hitting their victim on the ground. The fatal stab wounds were given later. According to Paris Match, “in his press release, the young man said that one of his friends had a knife with him but that he had not seen that the victim had been stabbed”. He even said in his press release that it was not only on television that he heard the news.

One of the accused is charged with second degree murder

The verdict falls for Luchiano Lewis on October 14. Rashaun Weaver, one of the friends who took part in the murder, pleads not guilty to his second degree murder charge. The court has yet to hear it. According to Paris Match “The last of the three defendants … pleaded guilty to theft in the first degree and was sentenced in June 2020 to 18 months of detention by the Administration of children’s services”.

Police and prosecutors said it was Rashaun Weaver who allegedly used the knife and stabbed him many times. As for Luchiano Lewis, it is he who would have thrown the body of the young girl in the sewers. Jeffrey Lichtman, attorney Rashaun Weaver told ABC News: “It was not a premeditated murder as we have heard”,

Luchiano Lewis © NY Daily News

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