Is the emotion too strong? Did the hand shake? When your child has just been born, it is difficult to keep a clear mind! A new world is opening up for parents who are often overwhelmed by the situation.

So how to complete official papers without error in such a state of upheaval? At 15, Gabrielle realized, with despair, that her parents had made a mistake in her first name on her birth certificate, rendering hers obsolete.

A different first name

It was on TikTok that the young woman told this story. In a video where she appeared sullen, Gabrielle noted, “Thinking about how my parents made a typo on my birth certificate.” A few moments later, she slipped: “I only discovered at 15 that my real name is in fact Babrielle”.

A common situation

In the comments section, other people have revealed that they have been through a similar situation or know a loved one in this case. Thus, a man noted: “My friend’s legal name was ‘the little girl Williams’ because her first name had not been decided at the time”. A woman explained: “My mother told me for about 12 years that my first name was written Lilianna but on my birth certificate it is Liliana”. A third claimed: “My name was Aslhey instead of Ashley”. Finally, another laughed: “My parents did not notice that my brother’s birth certificate had the wrong date until he was 6 years old. Way too late to fix that! Now he has two birthdays! “.

At 15, she learns that her parents made a mistake in her first name on the birth certificate


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