Sheena Hardman is a 41-year-old woman, married to Chris Hardman and mother of two children, Joel (13 years old) and Rhea (14 months). His life changed in November 2021, after being the victim of an assault. Indeed, the mother of the family was outside her home in England and was installing her daughter Rhea in the car when she was attacked and received several blows.

According to the Liverpool Echo, his sister Shelley Harrison explained: “She was kicked in the stomach and obviously because she had had a caesarean she just assumed the pains after the attack were related to that”. After going to the hospital to be examined, the doctors explained to her that the cesarean performed a few weeks earlier should not be able to cause pain in this part of her body.

Mother finds out she has terminal cancer

After several examinations, Sheena Hardman received terrible news. Indeed, she went for a CT scan and then a biopsy and discovered that she had three cancerous tumors in the intestine, one of which had also spread to her lymph nodes. A heartbreaking diagnosis since the woman residing in Warrington suffers from an incurable, terminal cancer of the intestine.

If she started chemotherapy at Halton Hospital in order to attack her tumors, the mother of the family then had to interrupt her treatment. Indeed, she suffered from sepsis in June 2022 and her tumors doubled in size. As she now seeks private treatment, Sheena Hardman’s doctors have told her she will only have weeks to live. A real tragedy for the Briton, who spends most of her time surrounded by her loved ones.

Assaulted as she puts her baby in her car, she discovers she is dying

Mother and baby © Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash

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