On March 3, 2019, Julie Douib, 34, mother of two, was murdered in Île Rousse, Corsica. His ex-companion Bruno Garcia-Cruciani will kill him coldly with several bullets in the body. 30 minutes after having murdered her, he goes to the police station himself. For many years, the young woman will live a hell by his side. On multiple occasions, she will file a complaint for domestic violence. On January 20, his trial will begin. For RTL, the father of the young woman has agreed to confide in this dreaded trial

“It’s worse than a second ordeal, because we thought we had done our best at the first trial and there, we will physically see our daughter’s killer again. We will hear terrible things, because a trial, it’s always something awful,” he explains. A justified fear because the father of Julie Douib fears that the sentence of the killer of his daughter will be reduced: “Today, we are not sure of the verdict. It will be a terrible ordeal. I can’t sleep anymore”, he confides to the microphone of RTL.

Premeditated murder?

In June 2021, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani denied premeditation. But the investigation proves the opposite. Indeed, research on his computer had revealed requests such as “sentence for homicide”, “attempted murder”, “shooting” or even “going to live in Thailand”. In front of the jurors, he assured that the day of the murder he wanted to go to the shooting center before changing his mind and going to his ex-wife. He would have pulled out his gun to impress her. Then it’s the black hole. Bruno Garcia-Cruciani was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a 22-year security sentence.

Assassination of Julie Douib: towards a more lenient sentence for her ex-husband?

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