A very complicated childhood. Invited on the set of Quotidien this Tuesday, September 21, Asia Argento began her interview with Yann Barthès by explaining the motivations that led him to write his book: Anatomy of a wild heart. An autobiographical novel which “does not talk about happy things” but which serves to “remind people that horrible things are happening in the world”, in the words of the Italian actress.

Asia Argento quickly recounted her difficult childhood. Between her father, a great Italian director “always absent” and her mother who “beat her regularly”, the native of Rome had no healthy role models to follow. “Sometimes nice but above all interesting”, her father, Dario Argento never instilled much in his daughter, devoted to herself and under the influence of a violent mother.

It is especially on this that the 46-year-old Italian, who was one of the first to publicly accuse the American director Harvey Weinstein in order to launch the MeToo movement, was keen to speak out. “My mother’s violence prevented me from reacting to acts of violence that I experienced later, it paralyzed me”, she said, referring to the sexual assaults she experienced during her acting career, which began at the age of nine.

#MeToo: “Harvey Weinstein had a file on all the women he raped, those who risked speaking” ⬇️Asia Argento in #Quotidien pic.twitter.com/W5boYe3oPW

– Daily (@Qofficiel) September 21, 2021

“We can also love monsters”

One thing is certain: Asia Argento does not reproduce what she experienced with her own offspring. “My parents were very selfish, I am careful not to be so with my children”. Because for the Italian, this violence is always a taboo subject when it is practiced within the family circle. “Violence is present in many families, nobody talks about it, we can also love monsters”.

While Yann Barthès asked him if his parents had read his book, Asia Argento cut it off violently: “My father didn’t want to read the book, I started writing it when my mother was alive, but she’s dead now “. Before continuing: “my children don’t need to read it, they already know everything”.

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