Ashley Tisdale mom: her unfiltered confidences on her postpartum body

On March 23, Ashley Tisdale became a mother for the first time. If the 35-year-old actress is very happy to have a baby girl today, she has not yet found her pre-pregnancy body. While she compared herself to other young mothers shortly after giving birth to Jupiter Iris, it is in an essay shared on her site Frenshe that the star wanted to discuss her relationship to body in full transparency. “I think this post is for anyone who looks at themselves in the mirror and thinks they should look better, especially after having a baby. Instagram can really hurt you … Really. so many models and influencers that I have compared my own personal journey to ‘bounce back’. And then, I think to myself, wait, they just had a baby and they look like that ?? “, wondered the star.

Discussing what she had put in place to lose weight, Ashley Tisdale revealed, “I worked like hell. Whether it was hiking, pilates, getting on my bike, and yet I still don’t feel good about my body. Yes, I’ve started tucking into jeans again, but not the size I used to wear. Everyone keeps saying it takes time — it takes time to grow the baby and it takes time to lose weight. And you know what? That’s the truth. ” In all transparency, the ex-star of High School Musical shared a personal anecdote, writing: “I was recently at a friend’s house and two moms who had just had babies were saying how beautiful I was and that they wished they could fit into jeans. They thought I looked good and yet I’m at home looking at myself in the mirror thinking I could be better. That’s when I realized we couldn’t compare our bodies to each other. “

Ashley Tisdale: “Be nice to yourself!”

While she does not yet have the figure she wants, the actress revealed, “Everyone is going to have a different journey and it is important not to communicate negative feelings towards our own body. Thoughts like: ‘You are not good enough, you could be more beautiful’ must stop! And they especially need to stop when we realize that our body has just created and given life to another human being. ” Finally, Vanessa Hudgens’ best friend added: “The bottom line: be kind to yourself and fill yourself with love. It’s good to set a goal and be inspired by others, but we should all really love ourselves and our bodies every season. This is easier said than done and I know there were some stages in my pregnancy where I felt uncomfortable . I’m still struggling with plantar fasciitis, but even I am working on not comparing myself to other people and their postpartum journeys. Love yourself first! “

Ashley Tisdale © STARMAX

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