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Ashley Park (Emily in Paris): the actress confides in her cancer diagnosed at the age of 15

Revealed in the series Emily in Paris, where she plays the bubbly Mindy Chen, Ashley Park is one of the revelations of the series featuring Lily Collins. If the 29-year-old actress is now known to everyone, few know that she survived leukemia. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the pretty brunette explained: “A lot of people ask me about my experience with cancer. I absolutely don’t mind talking about it. I think it’s very important. to talk about it, but I also appreciate that I am not asked to talk about the experience, or how it influenced the way I lived my life. ” While no longer ill, Ashley Park explained that her biggest fear was letting her cancer define her career and her identity: “I never wanted to be just the Asian girl, or the ‘common girl’. then I was 16 and became the bald sick girl. “

In order to live her dreams, the actress explained that she tries to ignore the harmful side effects of her chemotherapy treatment: “I didn’t want to know that I might be sterile or that my heart might stop working or whatever. because once you tell yourself, you think about it. Even though my body beat the disease, if I had let it change anything else in me, it would have won. ” Still, Ashley Park is proud of its history. And for good reason, the disease changed his life in some ways and helped him to become a more empathetic person. “When you’ve been through a really tough time, you don’t want someone else to go through it,” the young woman added.

“My therapy is the theater”

For Playbill magazine, it was in 2016 that Ashley Park revealed that working has helped him beat cancer: “I remember people, after I got sick no longer, said to me: ‘You should go. do therapy ‘, but my therapy is theater. ” And for good reason, if the name of the young woman does not mean anything to you, she is a Broadway star! After joining Mamma Mia’s troupe in 2014, she played Gretchen Wieners in the musical adaptation of the movie Lolita Despite Me. A real success!

Ashley Park © © Broadimage / KCS

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