Ashley Judd: How the actress nearly lost her leg in a serious accident

It was from her hospital room in South Africa that Ashley Judd gave her news. The actress gave an interview to reporter Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. A conversation where we discovered the drawn features and the tired face which was broadcast on Instagram this Friday, February 12. The actress from Le Collectionneur tells the story of the ordeal she experienced when she left to report on bonobos in the Congo rainforest. “I hit something in the dark and fell,” she explains. A fall that breaks his leg. But in the middle of the tropical forest, the actress will have to wait a very long time before being taken care of. The latter first spent “five hours lying on the ground” waiting for help. One of her friends tried, as best he could, to hold her completely “twisted” leg while she “bit a stick” and “howled like a wild animal.” A period of time during which Ashley Judd explains having passed out several times from pain.

55 hours of pain before you can have an operation

It is ultimately the Congolese who will come to help him in the middle of the tropical forest. The actress is first transported, for an hour and a half, in a hammock. Then it is by motorbike that she goes to a hut in which she will spend the night. The next day, she was taken by plane to the capital of Kinshasa for a day, before being taken to South Africa to the International Health Unit where she is still hospitalized today. A mishap that could have caused him to lose his leg. During the interview, Ashley Judd regretted that many Congolese could not have access to “a simple pill to kill the pain when you have broken your leg in four places and have nerve damage, before recognizing the chance. that she has, the difference between a Congolese and me is a catastrophe health insurance that allowed me 55 hours after my accident to go to an operating table in South Africa. “

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