Ashley Graham is a public figure who is very transparent with her followers. A plus-size model, she regularly shares photos of her body, taking great care to highlight her stretch marks or her cellulite. The goal ? To show that these things, which are considered “flaws”, are completely normal on a woman’s body. Three months ago, she gave birth to twins and, as usual, did not hesitate to share the evolution of her body during her pregnancy. Thus, it is logical that she showed this one, postpartum, this Monday, April 25. “Hi, new belly. We’ve been through a lot. Thank you”, she wrote in the caption of a publication on which we can see her posed in panties, with the purple traces of stretch marks but also her distended skin in evidence. A photo that quickly reacted to its subscribers, who did not hesitate to thank her for showing a natural body. “Thank you for this message, as I’ve been postpartum for two months and seeing how beautiful you look is so empowering for those of us who struggle with how you look. You look stunning and I love it!” , wrote a user. A message that must have pleased the main concerned.

On January 18, 2020, Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Arvin welcomed their first child, a little boy named Isaac Menelik Giovanni. On September 20, she shared an adorable post in which she announced she was expecting twins. “We are going to have three boys,” she rejoiced. It was on January 7 that she welcomed Malachi and Roman. Very fulfilled in her daily life, she had clarified: “It has not been easy, but it is so worth it. I still cannot believe that I have three children”. She later said she was “looking forward to sharing my birth and postpartum journey with you all soon.” On her social networks, the model is always very transparent about her body, to the delight of her subscribers. Its goal ? To show that it is completely normal for a woman to gain weight, not want to play sports and above all, to feel good about herself. “I think that’s an unattainable reality for most women and it was for myself,” she explained in an interview with E! about these injunctions made to women to find a flat stomach or to resume sport when they have just given birth. For her part, Ashley Graham is very well in her skin.

Ashley Graham: why does she chain “body positive” publications?

Unlike many celebrities who do not hesitate to post photos that are more perfect than each other, Ashley Graham uses her social networks to convey important messages and does not hesitate to very often appear natural. The model regularly advocates “body-positive” and notably publishes videos or photos in which she highlights what society considers to be “flaws”. Long considered a “plus size model”, she had revealed that she no longer wanted to be assigned this label. “For the fashion industry, we are all tall, but the truth is that we are very different from each other, both physically and in terms of personality,” she said.

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