January 18 changed Ashley Graham’s life forever. The model has given birth to her first child, the fruit of her love affair with her husband, director Justin Ervin. Both parents welcomed a little boy, whom they decided to name Isaac. True ambassador of body positivism, Ashley Graham and unfiltered with her community. First of all literally because she refuses to touch up her stretch marks in photos for example, but also because she is completely natural and very transparent with her fans, whether it is about her life as a model or as a mother. The latest headline example, she did not hesitate to express her milk backstage at the Fendi show, at Milan Fashion Week, last September.

And that’s exactly why Ashley Graham is adored by her community and millions of women and men around the world, for her authenticity. This Tuesday, November 24, the top-model shared another moment of her intimate life, in her Instagram story. Ashley Graham posted a short video of herself breastfeeding her son, who is now 10 months old. The 33-year-old is sitting on her sofa, visibly tired but fulfilled, a smile on her lips.

A natural act

This is not the first time Ashley Graham has appeared on social media breastfeeding. At the beginning of February, a few weeks after the birth of her son, the supermodel posted a photo of her, alongside her husband, breastfeeding the little end. In legend, she had wanted to share the wave of happiness that flooded her: “I remember when I carried Isaac for the first time having said to Justin: ‘Now we are a family forever’. I have so much to be thankful for. All the love and support of this amazing community, an amazing husband, and a beautiful baby who has allowed me to open my eyes and see how beautiful this world is. “

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