Follower of the “body positive” movement, Ashley Graham shared a video of her completely naked on Instagram. In the clip, which did not fail to react to its many subscribers, the 34-year-old supermodel can be seen lying on one side with nothing on her. Although mum to Isaac, 2, twins Malachi and Roman, 7 months, has covered her most private parts with white pillows, the curve and volume of her pelvis can be admired. The Justin Ervin woman is proud of her curves and her postpartum body. And the least we can say is that she does not hide it.

Ashley Graham even never ceases to encourage women to have a positive look at their body, whatever its shape. In June of this year, the model had already shared a video where she shows her body five months after giving birth to her twins. “I’m posting this video for all the moms who haven’t rebounded and may never rebound, and for anyone who needs to be reminded that their body is beautiful in its most real form,” a- she captioned, recalls People magazine.

Ashley Graham: “Created in the image of God”

Along with her naked August 24, 2022 video, Justin Ervin’s wife shared a painting of a woman in Eve’s outfit. It is a Renaissance painting where the caption reads “See yourself with the eyes of God”. To get her message across more clearly, Ashley Graham captioned a third photo, a close-up of her body, “Made in the image of God.”

Ashley Graham: the model reveals herself totally naked in video on Instagram

Ashley Graham © Instagram


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