For several days, a new trend has panicked Instagram and its users. As you have surely noticed, a recent trend is to give voice to your community that asks to see an unpublished photo. Many celebrities have played the game and unveiled never-before-seen souvenir photos that they have on their phones. This Wednesday, December 30, Ashley Graham in turn had fun at this little game and posted a series of photos of her intimate life, to the delight of her followers.

At the request of her fans, Ashley Graham therefore shared many photos, one in particular, very moving. To illustrate the moment of which she is most proud during this year 2020, the supermodel posted a photo of the delivery of her son, which occurred on January 18, 2020. The pretty brunette and her husband Justin Ervin gave birth to a little boy, whose name is Isaac Menelik Giovanni. In the greatest discretion, Ashley Graham gave birth in the water and at home, without having told her subscribers before. Everyone was therefore surprised to discover this very original childbirth, almost a year later, on the young mother’s Instagram account.

Ashley Graham, body positive icon

A netizen asked Ashley Graham to show that “stretch marks are pretty.” The young mother therefore unveiled a photo of her in her underwear, holding her son in her arms. The 33-year-old model has always been taking pictures of her body in underwear and swimsuits, proudly displaying both its shapes, stretch marks and bulges. Ashley Graham is an icon of the positive body movement and encourages all women to love their bodies whatever they are. Regularly, she also shows herself breastfeeding her son, never hides her fatigue and makes a point of showing her life really as it is, without filters – Instagram – or pretenses.

Ashley Graham ©

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