Ashley Graham mom: top is prone to night terrors

On January 18, 2020, Ashley Graham gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Isaac. If the 32-year-old model has shared everything about her pregnancy with her millions of fans, she now confides unashamedly about her new life as a young mother. A guest on the Red Table Talk show, Ashley Graham has revealed to be subject to night terrors since the arrival of her son earlier this year: “In my sleep, I am desperately looking for my child. I think to myself: ‘Where is Isaac? Where is he? ‘ I look under the bed, I shake my husband, I turn on the lights. It’s like that almost every night, what is it? ” Faced with his concern, Dr. Durvasula reassured him by explaining that this could be common for young mothers, who naturally become protective of their babies: “It makes them more alert, especially in the middle of the night.”

Recently, it was during an interview with the American magazine Self that Ashley Graham had explained what she had felt the first time she had separated from her son to return to the catwalks: ” I have to say it was a vacation. It wasn’t what I expected – it really wasn’t. In eight months, I hadn’t left it for more than five hours. And I was really nervous, I wondered if I could do this. ” If she had any doubts before doing so, the star ultimately enjoyed her time spent outdoors: “Other mothers have done it. They leave their babies even earlier. I was like, ‘Will- do I feel guilty? ‘ But I didn’t feel guilty because I knew I was going to work. I had so much milk that I had saved some for him, and he was going to be here with his dad and grandma, and everything. was going to be fine, “the pretty brunette finished.

Behind the scenes of the parades

During this interview, the model also recalled that while her four days abroad to parade for prestigious brands had passed quickly, the experience was not as glamorous as you might think: “Don’t you Don’t get me wrong – behind every backstage of the catwalks and fittings where I was, I was the girl in a corner, plugged into a pump. A lot of these girls are between 18 and 24, 25, and they look at me like that. : ‘What are you doing ?’ So I was like, ‘Oh, I’m pumping! This is milk for my baby.’ “A new daily!

Ashley Graham © Backgrid

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