Ashley Graham au naturel: naked in her bath she assumes her hair under the arms

Ashley Graham is definitely not afraid to shake up the fashion world. For several years, the model has imposed herself on the catwalks by assuming her shapes and curves, sometimes at the risk of upsetting the world of modeling a little. And if the models appear at the top on the catwalks, they are also it on social networks, where they reveal their perfect and smooth silhouettes, even after a pregnancy. However, this is not how Ashley Graham sees it.

Far from being afraid of shocking, the 33-year-old mother regularly posts her naked body on social networks, advocating femininity and love of yourself, and even its imperfections. But this time, no breastfeeding or a naked mirror selfie where she exposes her stretch marks: it is in her bath that she proudly displayed herself, and this with hair under her arms. Nothing is more natural for Ashley Graham than showing off her hairiness. What concludes a magnificent day spent with the family, since it was last October 30, on the occasion of her birthday, that she unveiled this shot, accompanied by many others of a busy day.

Ashley Graham on top for her return to the catwalks

It was in Nebraska, where she was born, that Ashley Graham celebrated her birthday with her husband Justin Ervin and their son Isaac. A little boy who makes her more than proud, and whose birth has somewhat turned the life of the model upside down, who was absent from the catwalks for several months. However, it was last September, radiant and well rested, that she made her comeback during Milan Fashion Week.

And now, it is out of the question for her that her stretch marks are touched up on the photos she takes. “A lot of the women I talk to have image issues, issues with their bodies related to their self-confidence. I want them to understand that we all have things that society has told us to cover up, but why Should we do that? So here I am with my stretch marks and I’m proud of it! ”she said last July.

Ashley Graham ©

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