As rarely, Prince Charles takes a stand and alarms on a capital subject

He could not remain silent in the face of the climate emergency. A man committed to the preservation of the environment, it is with sadness and anger that he follows the ecological news. Usually rather rare in the media, he insisted on writing a long letter in the Daily Mail urging citizens and leaders to act against global warming. Evoking his “family ties” with Greece, country of his father Prince Philip where devastating fires broke out, Prince Charles was moved by climatic disasters. “It was truly a nightmare to see the once blue skies over the Peloponnese, Attica and the island of Evia turn bright orange as mile after mile the country’s famous landscape and more than 100,000 hectares of forests and farmland have been engulfed in fierce flames, causing tragic death, injury and widespread destruction of the homes and livelihoods of so many people, “he began. .

Prince Charles, who says he has “lost count of the number of weather-related disasters that have struck so many countries across the Commonwealth and beyond”, then described his memories of “seeing devastation in the Caribbean in 2017 after being hit by two category five hurricanes the same week. “Now we see Haiti hit by Tropical Storm Grace, exacerbating the distress caused by the earthquake that tragically took so many lives,” the son of Elizabeth II continued, listing one by one the natural disasters that took place. the past few weeks across the world. The increasingly severe fires, floods and droughts that have hit Australia make it very clear: our planet is in crisis and no country is left behind. the shelter. ” As the COP26 approached, Prince Charles therefore wanted to give a “cry of alarm”.

This heartbreaking demand from Prince Charles to save the planet

“I have long thought that the challenge is far too great and far too important for a single country to meet it alone”, continued the future king of England, very touched by the situation, before addressing leaders: “Unlocking the enormous potential for private sector investment could accelerate the world towards a game-changing green transition. (…) COP26 is of crucial importance to our very survival on this yet another planet. in addition overheated, which rightly and rightly worries our children and grandchildren “. For Prince Charles, the fight against global warming is a subject that is not taken seriously enough even though “we no longer have an alternative” and “we must do everything in our power ( …) to avoid the enormous catastrophe which has already begun to manifest itself in the most terrifying way “.

Prince Charles © Agency

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