Youngest son of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones and her husband, Daniel Chatto, Arthur Chatto is the grandson of Princess Margaret. Currently, twenty-sixth in the order of succession to the British throne, the 21-year-old already has an impressive career! Like his cousins, Princes William and Harry, Arthur Chatto graduated from Eton College, Berkshire, where he completed a program that prepares students for military service. He then enrolled at the prestigious University of Edinburgh, where his older brother Samuel had studied before him. If the young man has an almost normal life, he had been a page of honor with Elizabeth II, between 2009 and 2015.

When not studying, Arthur Chatto takes advantage of his free time to play sports. Climbing, mountaineering, diving, weight training, swimming … Everything goes! On Instagram, Princess Margaret’s grandson regularly shares pictures of his hikes in Iceland or his climbing sessions in Brighton. The opportunity to share shirtless shots that his community really likes. Indeed, at 21, Arthur Chatto is a follower of Instagram, where he has more than 150,000 subscribers! In addition to sports, Elizabeth II’s grandnephew plays the bagpipes! On Instagram, it was with humor that he shared that he loved this instrument to “annoy his neighbors” as well as his dog, Sealy!

The young man recently offered himself a feat

Adventurer at heart, Arthur Chatto is today the pride of the British royal family! And for good reason, he has just paddled around England. Accompanied by his three teammates, Charles Bromhead, Harry Lidgley and Oliver Dawe-Lane, the 21-year-old traveled more than 3,200 kilometers between last July 5 and August 16, 2020, in 42 days. In addition, this feat serves a good cause. Indeed, thanks to the four athletes, nearly 24,000 euros will be donated to the British Red Cross and the organization Just One Ocean, which helps protect the oceans. Confined with his team-mates, he had multiplied the sports sessions in order to achieve his goal. Back on dry land, the young man was then more than happy to reunite with his parents, his brother, and his girlfriend, Lizzie Friend.

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