Mark Stoakes, 60, rushed with his wife outside his house. This after noticing the fire on the gate of their house. Courageously, this husband stood in front of his wife in order to protect her. Indeed, it was soaked in flammable liquid and then ignited by a lighter by Aaron Wilks, an arsonist.

This attack seriously injured Mr. Stoakes with burns. He was put into an induced coma at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he died three weeks later. According to sources at the Mirror, this is not Wilks, 38’s first assault on Mr Stoakes. Indeed, the first time, the arsonist had used a meat clover during an argument over an unpaid apartment loan. He allegedly held a meat grinder to the victim’s throat while loudly clamoring for the money he was owed. Nine days later, Wilks returns to the Stoakes home with two men while threatening to kill him. During the incident, he allegedly tore a camera from the outside wall of the house.

The arsonist claims it was self-defense

On April 8, 2021, Wilks set fire to Mark Stoakes’ front door. Which forced the husband and his wife to rush outside. Afterwards, Wilks was seen standing holding a blue bottle. He allegedly sprayed gasoline on Mr. Stoakes before burning him, again according to the Mirror.

Wilks denies both murder, blackmail, and the intentional use of an explosive substance. He also claimed to have acted in self-defense and admits that Mr. Stoakes allegedly attacked him with a knife. Except that at the end of a trial which lasted 10 days, a jury convicted him of murder and blackmail. Wilks, of Ash Grove, Bognor Regis, has been remanded into custody and will be sentenced at a later date.

Aaron Wilks © The Mirror

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