Arnold Schwarzenegger made a rather unusual speech against anti-Semites. It is in a 12-minute video that the 75-year-old actor decided to address people who live by hatred. Recidivism ? Recall that the former professional bodybuilder had already sent a viral message in which he addressed the Russian people following the invasion of Ukraine. “Despite all our disagreements, my friends could tell me: ‘Arnold, don’t talk to these people, it’s not worth it,'” he said in a message distributed by ATTN. “I don’t care what they say. I care about you. I think you are worth it. I know no one is perfect. I understand how people can fall into the trap of prejudice and hate,” he added.

At the beginning of his speech, the actor had described his visit to Auschwitz. A destination steeped in history where an estimated 1.1 million Jews were killed by the German SS during World War II. Arnold Schwarzenegger took the opportunity to talk about his father who was a member of the Nazi party. “They fell into the trap of a horrible ideology of losers”, explained the actor of Terminator. “They were lied to and dragged down a path that ended in misery […] they bought into the idea that the only way to improve their lives was to give back to others worse… This is the path of the weak…there has never been a successful movement based on hate,” he added.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “It’s easier to hate than to learn”

Arnold Schwarzenegger also spoke to people who are ruled by hate. In particular, he had sent words of encouragement so that these people could improve. This rather than blaming others. “It’s easier to hate than to learn. When someone challenges you, it’s easier to feel hurt and find an echo chamber that will tell you you’re right and they’re wrong,” he explained before adding: “The other way is easier – you don’t have to change anything, anything that doesn’t suit you in your life can be someone else’s fault… You will end up being broken. I don’t want you to go through all of this.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: in a powerful video, the actor looks back on his father, a member of the Nazi party

Arnold Schwarzenegger © JACQUES BOURGUET / TELE STAR

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