Armie Hammer: cannibalistic private messages revealed

Does Armie Hammer have a penchant for cannibalism? This is the crazy rumor that panicked the web this Monday, January 11. Shocking private messages, supposedly sent to young women, have been posted on social media. As always, they quickly made the buzz and all platforms are overflowing with testimonials from alleged victims of Armie Hammer. In these different publications, we can discover that the 34-year-old actor would take pleasure in drinking the blood of his lovers. Indeed, among the many messages, we can therefore read: “I imagine holding your heart in my hands and controlling it when it beats. I am 100% a cannibal. I want to eat you”. The same person who is behind the post then indicates that the actor is “obsessed with drinking blood. This cannibalistic side deeply rooted in him is terrifying”, before asserting: “His manipulative behavior m ‘made it perceive as LOVE. You are not alone “. In addition, some Internet users, who would be victims of Armie Hammer explained that he calls young women whom he virtually contacts his “kittens”. He also allegedly confessed to having “cut the heart of a living animal before and I ate it while it was still hot”. As for the other testimonies, they clearly show the supposed attraction of the actor for sexual violence, even rape.

On social networks, this story quickly made the buzz. Instagram, Twitter or even Tik Tok are full of testimonies of possible victims of the actor. However, as with every controversy, some fans wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. So two camps were formed. On the one hand, those who claim he is guilty and keep finding new testimonies and on the other, the fans who think the actor could never have done that. In addition, an Internet user wanted to go back on her message by asserting that “all this is completely false, I admit”. It seems, however, that it is the publicist of the interpreter of Oliver in Call Me by Your Name. Is Armie Hammer really at the origin of these many private messages? Questions to which we do not yet have an answer since he has not yet reacted to the controversy. The mystery therefore remains as to the veracity of these numerous testimonies.

Armie Hammer, a couple again?

In July 2020, Armie Hammer divorced Elizabeth Chambers, his longtime wife who requested primary custody of their two children, Harper Grace (6) and Ford Douglas (4). While he has not been able to see his children for more than five months, it seems however that he is no longer a heart to take. He was spotted alongside Paige Lorenze, an art student and Los Angeles-based influencer. According to information from People magazine, the alleged couple were seen leaving the actor’s California home. A rumor that has not been confirmed by any of the protagonists.

Armie Hammer © HT

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