Armie Hammer would no longer be a heart to take. Targeted by many controversies, the actor decided to distance himself from Hollywood following accusations from several women who disclosed his cannibalistic fantasies on social networks. Another she accuses the actor of having kidnapped and raped her, for facts dating back to 2017, leading to the opening of a judicial investigation still in progress. If he firmly denies these accusations, it turns out that the star of Call Me by Your Name has decided to pass the sponge and continue his life quietly, and this, in the Cayman Islands. Where he even found love again.

Separated since 2020 from his thirteen-year companion Elizabeth Chambers, Armie Hammer still decided to follow the latter, settled in the British territory of the Caribbean Sea with their children when the pandemic broke out. And it is on his new place of residence that he met the new woman who shares his life, a dentist whose identity has not been revealed, People magazine reported last May. “They seem happy and at ease with each other,” said this source, adding that the investigation targeting the 35-year-old actor had not even cooled his new companion. “They seem to have a lot of friends and she introduces him to anyone who hasn’t met her yet when they go out,” one read.

Two exes of Armie Hammer undergo post-trauma treatment

A new life soothed, and far from the scandal for Armie Hammer who abandoned several projects in Hollywood after the accusations of sexual assault, but also the revelations about his sex life. In addition to his penchant for cannibalism, two ex-girlfriends of the comedian also revealed his bondage practices, but also submission, which he imposed on his companions. Thus, Paige Lorenze, had explained to have left Armie Hammer when he began to “impose what she could do and what she could not do.” “I really didn’t feel safe, I was sick of it. I was emotionally dependent on him,” she said, revealing that she was in post-traumatic treatment.

Armie Hammer © Action Press

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