Armie Hammer: a new woman testifies on the cannibalistic inclination of the actor

The last few months have not been the easiest in the life of the actor of Call me by your name. In July 2020, Armie Hammer announced his separation from Elizabeth Chambers, after 10 years of marriage and two children. A sad announcement and yet rather common at the time, the confinement having, it seems, followed a veritable wave of divorces. But six months later, new information comes to support this story of separation, when a supposed former mistress of the actor, who would have maintained an affair with Armie Hammer from 2016 to February 2020, posts on Instagram messages that him would have sent her former lover. In the latter, unbridled fantasies of cannibalism and rape. “Think of me raping you, of my hot cum covering your broken body”, “Cut off a piece of skin and ask you to cook it for me … Tell you to cut your veins and use the blood as lubricant “, can we read among the messages. On the Instagram account @Houseofeffie, they are several to testify to their physical or written exchanges with Armie Hammer. Most of them include cannibalistic fantasies, most notably this conversation in which the actor tells of killing a doe and eating his “raw and hot” heart. In a statement released on January 14, Armie Hammer denied all of these accusations, which he described as “bullshit” and explained that due to this media outburst, he could no longer, “in his soul and conscience, leave her children for four months to go and shoot a film in the Dominican Republic “. The actor therefore withdrew from the film Shotgun Wedding, which he was to shoot with Jennifer Lopez. And while the defenders and accusers of the 34-year-old actor continue to oppose on the Web, the new testimony of an ex Armie Hammer should not help the latter’s cause.

“I want to bite a piece of you”

“He said he wanted to break a rib, cook it on the barbecue and eat it,” reveals Courtney Vucekovic, a young woman linked to the actor from June to August 2020, in the columns of Page Six. “It was weird, but we think about it more. He said, ‘I want to bite a piece of you.’ When I had a cut on my hand, he would suck and lick it. We had gotten weird at this point. “

Armie Hammer © Action Press

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