Arié Elmaleh annoyed: his confidences on his incessant comparisons with his brother Gad

Jordan De Luxe received, this Tuesday, April 27, Arié Elmaleh, on the set of his show L’instant de Luxe, broadcast on Non Stop People. Among the topics discussed, the actor spoke in particular about his relationship with his big brother, the comedian Gad Elmaleh. A bond that has not always been easy for the actor. “When you are served 10 times a day ‘are you Gad Elmaleh’s brother?’ … It’s a bit annoying because we say to ourselves: people don’t appreciate me for who I am, but just because I’m Gad Elmaleh’s brother, “he said before admitting that” people aren’t mean, but they’re just a little clumsy. “

Arié Elmaleh has a “fusional” relationship with his brother, Gad

But Arié Elmaleh is also approached by people who do not hesitate to criticize his big brother: “What is very funny are the people who try to reassure me by saying: ‘You know, I find you a much better actor!’ or ‘You are much more handsome than your brother!’ Under the guise of wanting to be nice, they say a bit of crap, ”says the ex of Virginie Ledoyen. “People cannot help putting us in conflict and rivalry. It is a reality and it is human, we are brothers. There are always dissensions and conflicts,” he said. . Despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult to be the “brother of”, Arié Elmaleh insisted on the fact that he had a “fusional” relationship with Gad Elmaleh.


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