Ariane Séguillon is not the type to use the language of wood… even when it comes to talking about her private life. At 19, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us married Jean-Christophe Lauduique, the adopted grandson of Guy Lux. A year later, she gave birth to a boy, Dorian, known today to be part of the Ofenbach duo. But when he uttered his first cry, his baby was not really beautiful, according to the confidences of Ariane Séguillon with Pure People. “He was very, very, very ugly, even says the actress. Besides, with his father, we said: ‘but how can such ugly parents have such beautiful children, when we had such an ugly child? , while we’re still not bad!'” With our colleagues, the actress remembers that her son “had an Easter egg instead of his head”, “a black eye”, that it was “purple”.

“It was catastrophic the poor. He was very thin, all along. But after two or three months, he was magnificent”, added the actress, today very close to Dorian Lauduique. She was also able to count on his presence when she suffered from bulimia, as she told in a moving book entitled La Grosse. “He has always been very discreet on the subject, although I know he was worried. I had a click the day when I maintained that an incredible quantity of packets of cakes had mysteriously disappeared from the cupboard. I had however sworn to myself never to lie to my son …”, confided the actress to Télé 7 Jours. In the columns of Paris Match, Ariane Séguillon remembered the childhood lived by her son. “I took him everywhere with me, on the sets, filming and even in the evening”, had fun the mother hen, happy to have been able to spend so much time with Dorian Lauduique.

Ariane Séguillon: “You are my greatest success, my most absolute pride, my pillar”

With our colleagues, the young man explained that his mother had always pushed him to realize his dreams and embrace a career in music. “I consider myself particularly lucky because mum encouraged all my passions. When I wanted to play the guitar, she gave me one for Christmas. When I fell in love with stop motion films, c It was she who gave me a camera so that I could learn to film,” he said. Very proud of her son, Ariane Séguillon never misses an opportunity to shout it from the rooftops. “You are my greatest success, my most absolute pride, my pillar, she wrote on June 7 on her son’s birthday. Maternal pride? I assume! (…) Happy birthday my son June 7 will remain the happiest day of my life. This love so strong, so unconditional that comes from the depths of my flesh that nothing can alter. I wish you again and again the greatest happiness for your life to come… I like you.”

Ariane Seguillon © Panoramic


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