Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Mike Tyson … Who are the vegan Hollywood stars?

Many celebrities have said goodbye to animal products in order to maintain iron health or simply out of love for animals. Vegetarians, vegans … Closer takes stock of the choices of the stars.

Singer Ariana Grande has officially gone vegetarian out of consideration for her dogs. Invited in 2014, in the British magazine The Mirror, she declared: “I love animals more than most people, I’m not kidding. But I firmly believe in having a complete plant-based diet. which can extend your lifespan and make you a happier person ”.

Singer Chris Martin has gone vegan to support his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. But in 2014, when they split, the Coldplay singer dropped his engagement. “I’m not really a vegetarian anymore, I am eating meat again. I stayed vegetarian for a little while, but for various reasons I changed.” He explained during an interview for BBC Radio 2.

Beyoncé, Mike Tyson: they went vegetarians to stay in shape

Singer Beyoncé opted for a vegan diet because it helped her stay fit and energized during her long tours around the world. Her husband Jay-Z, meanwhile, tries to follow his wife’s model by adopting a totally vegan diet two days a week. Boxer Mike Tyson was also inspired by the couple because he decided to make some culinary changes to have a more balanced life. The former boxer, opted for a much healthier diet and even managed to lose 45 pounds! Interviewed in 2013 on the Oprah Winfrey show “Where Are They Now”, he explained: “Becoming vegan has given me a new opportunity to live a healthy life”.

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