In life, we are surrounded by very different personalities that bring us a variety of resentments. In recent years, many books and articles have pointed out the toxic behaviors that we can encounter in our lives. Whether it is within the couple, the family, in the circle of friends or even at work, it is true that we have all been confronted with a toxic person. But sometimes our own behavior can be toxic to those around us without us even realizing it. Like the movements that have highlighted such behavior, it is difficult to know if one is indeed one of these harmful people. Here are 5 telltale signs of this toxicity.

Lack of self-confidence, self-criticism

Not recognizing yourself at your good value, being ashamed of yourself or constantly denigrating yourself can be toxic for others and for yourself. This permanent criticism of oneself also leads to criticism of others.

exaggerated victimization

If the slightest blunder happens to this kind of person, it is necessarily the fault of others! Making others responsible for their misfortunes or justifying their actions by old traumas is clearly victimization!

The permanent complaint

One of the signs of harm is negativity, constant complaining and continual sarcasm. Permanently in the lament, the person is, in addition, evidence of egocentrism in order to validate his misfortunes by others.

Bad faith

A person who is harmful to himself will find it very difficult to recognize his faults. She will always find excuses for her bad behavior.


A plethora of people have bad habits (addictions, eating disorders, risky activities…)! But in the case of a toxic relationship with oneself, the person will always find excuses for them that are justified, because they are conducive to their well-being (or not).

Are you toxic with yourself 5 telltale signs


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