Would the new king of the United Kingdom have underestimated all the traditions to which he is obliged to comply? Since his arrival on the throne, following the death of Elizabeth II, which occurred on September 8, Charles III sometimes seems to grope about everything related to his new status. The heir to the throne, who will be crowned on May 6, 2023, seems to have discovered many obligations that he would have done well without. But the British monarch cannot manage his schedule as he pleases and must comply with several unmissable appointments.

It must be said that the husband of Camilla Parker Bowles is known to have trouble keeping his tongue in his pocket. Subscriber to bloodshed of all kinds, Charles III has again been talked about, and not for the right reasons. In a video that went around the world, whether in the media or on social networks, the new king of England was obliged to receive the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss. For information, one of the obligations of each English sovereign is to have a weekly interview with the head of government.

Liz Truss: Your majesty. King Charles III: So you’ve come back againPM: It’s a great pleasure.King Charles III: Dear oh dear.. Anyway… pic.twitter.com/9ovVM6jg1Q

— Alexander Seale (@AlexSeale) October 12, 2022

Charles III made headlines again for a nervous breakdown

And the least we can say is that this new appointment did not seem to Charles III’s taste. The latter did not hesitate to let it be known by expressing his annoyance at the idea of ​​having to receive it. As the official camera rolled at Buckingham Palace while he and Liz Truss greeted each other with the proper courtesies, Charles III exclaimed, “So you’re still here. My God, my God… little imported”. Even as their reunion was of the utmost importance.

Because Liz Truss is in the midst of a political and economic crisis. The UK and its people have been hit hard by the financial markets since the Conservative Party came to power. So Charles III will certainly have to bite the brakes, because it is not ready to stop. Especially since the sovereign had already been talked about during his nervous breakdown when he was unable to sign a document using an apparently capricious pen. “I can’t stand this damn thing.. Oh my god, I hate it,” he had annoyed. Images that work for the new monarch. And especially when you know how impressive Elizabeth II’s popularity rate was.

"Are you back?" : these embarrassing remarks of Charles III annoyed in front of the British Prime Minister (Video)

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