Acts of horrific cruelty. A 16-year-old girl is the subject of a complaint filed by the League in the interest of society and the animal. She is indeed accused of having killed her sister’s chihuahua by putting it in a dryer, in December in Sedan, reports L’Ardennais.

The association discovered the terrible acts committed by the teenager because the latter was not satisfied with torturing the animal. She also took the opportunity to film the scene before posting the video on social media as part of a challenge on TikTok, reported the president of the League in the interest of society and the animal. “I saw the video, the minor is laughing. She is laughing, you hear,” she was indignant with L’Ardennais.

Two other abused dogs discovered

The association was finally able to intervene with the young girl at the beginning of February, after a report from the mother of the teenager. During the inspection, two other dogs, visibly abused, were also found in the apartment. The first was an American Staff locked in a cage. While in the second, a white hunting dog, he had been dyed black with the help of a hair dye, indicate our colleagues. According to the family, it was also his sixth dyeing. Both dogs were cared for by members of the association. The latter now hopes that the girl can be sentenced, despite her age.

Ardennes: she puts her sister's chihuahua to an atrocious fate during an absurd challenge

Chihuahuas © Pixabay

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