A very strange way to wish the new year. This December 31, 2022 was marked by a terrible news item, in the heart of the small yet very quiet village of Charleville-Mézières, located in the Ardennes. According to information from several local media, a father killed his partner with a knife. If the police intervened quickly after being alerted by the neighbors who had heard cries and cries for help, the latter could not do anything: the 23-year-old young woman was unresponsive on the ground, killed by several stab wounds .

While a team of law enforcement officers were analyzing the extent of the damage, another patrol went in search of the culprit, who was not found until eight in the morning on a street in the neighborhood. The autopsy will then report “thirty wounds carried by two knives, in view of the nature of the injuries”, according to L’Union, which specifies that two knives “with the bent blade” were found by the police near the young woman’s body.

He kills his companion with more than thirty stab wounds

While in police custody, the suspect declared “to have been enraged and to have struck his companion three to four times with a single knife, in particular to the neck and to the thorax, and that the violence of the blows had bent the blade of his weapon white”. Already known to justice and convicted on several occasions, in particular for acts of violence, the presumed murderer also confessed to the police “that his victim had asked him to stop, without success, and that he had not stopped hit only when she told him that her son was witness to the scene”. Because four minors (the victim’s two young children and two of his nephews) witnessed this atrocious scene… The man is currently imprisoned awaiting his judgment.

Ardennes: New Year's Eve turns to terrible drama under the eyes of four little boys

A Bloody New Year © Pexels

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