Archie Lyndhurst: Causes of Actor’s Death at Only 19 Revealed

It was a disappearance that had moved a whole generation. On September 22, young Archie Lyndhurst died at the age of 19. As the Daily Mail revealed at the time of news of his tragic death, help was called to his family’s home in Fulham, England for “health concerns”. On the spot, the paramedics could do nothing. Archie Lyndhurst was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the medical examiner, the young man succumbed to an “unexplained but not suspicious” death. Several weeks after this tragic disappearance, the causes of his death were revealed. In a moving post on Instagram, his mother Lucy said her son died in his sleep after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. “On September 22, our world exploded, the damage done to it was totally irreparable,” she wrote.

“Archie was and always will be our everything. Those of you who know us know the catastrophic effect his death had. Archie was the most extraordinary magical human we have ever met, Archie’s mom continued. Lyndhurst. As parents, we couldn’t be more proud of him for all he has accomplished in the short time available to him, and especially for the beautiful human being that he was. ” Lucy explained that the family received the results of her son’s second autopsy shortly before Christmas. “He died of an intracerebral hemorrhage caused by lymphoma / acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It’s not leukemia as we know it, the word acute in medical terms means rapid,” added Archie Lyndhurst’s mom, adding that the doctor told them “nothing could have saved Archie as he was showing no signs of illness”.

A brilliant actor in the making

“Archie has had a lot of bleeding in his brain and the doctor went to great lengths to reassure us that he was not in pain since it happened in his sleep,” the young actor’s mother continued. The results have completely shocked us. It is very rare and only about 800 people die of it each year. (…) Life is fragile, precious and sometimes incredibly cruel. ” Archie Lyndhurst was the only son of Nicholas, actor, and Lucy. Very early on, he had followed in his father’s footsteps by going to the theater. He rose to prominence playing the role of Ollie Coulton in the series Beebies So Awkward, which debuted in 2015. The young man had also appeared in Casualty and played a young version of Jack Whitehall’s character Alfie in Bad Education. . “We are so sorry to have to tell you that Archie Lyndhurst, who so brilliantly played Ollie in So Awkward on CBBC, passed away very sadly from a short illness,” the channel wrote in a tribute.

Archie Lyndhurst © Instagram

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