The love profile of the Aquarius sign is well known. The natives of this Zodiac sign are followers of free unions. The Aquarius woman is therefore a woman who particularly values ​​her freedom and who can be comfortable in non-exclusive relationships. It is not difficult to pin down the intention of the Aquarius woman when it comes to romantic relationships. An Aquarius woman is not very fond of ones that last a lifetime. She is rather open to adventures, which does not prevent the Aquarius woman from getting involved in a relationship.

The Aries man is one of the best candidates for the Aquarius woman. This Zodiac sign doesn’t cut corners when it comes to seduction. The Aries uses the predisposition of the Aquarius woman, which also facilitates the task. It does not stay in place when the latter is a little difficult. Adventure is on the agenda with Aries, which suits Aquarius perfectly. Even more adventurous than Aries, there is Sagittarius who can particularly attract the Aquarius woman.

Virgo: the ideal man for the Aquarius woman for commitment

Sagittarius is also playful and childish. Its spontaneity surprises you and lets you go. Sagittarius draws its essence from the Aquarius woman’s joie de vivre. He likes to share discoveries and adventures with her. The Virgo man is the ideal man for the Aquarius woman who wants to settle down. Faithful and devoted, the Virgo can bring tenderness and serenity in the life of the native of Aquarius. If the Aquarius woman is thinking of putting the ring on her finger, she will do it with a Virgo man, although she would not be against giving a Sagittarius a chance either.

Aquarius woman: who is your ideal man?

Aquarius woman: who is your ideal man? © Unsplash

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