Her Audrey Hepburn elegance and her disturbing interpretation in The Queen’s Gambit, a mini-series which is currently a hit on Netflix, have left no one indifferent. At 24, Anya Taylor-Joy already shines as one of those rising stars that Hollywood loves so much, like Zendaya or Timothée Chalamet. Discovered in the thrillers The Witch (2015) and Split (2017), the young woman revealed herself in The Queen’s Gambit, where she plays Elizabeth Harmon, a gifted child placed in an orphanage in the 1960s after losing her mother in a car accident.

It was there that she learned to play chess with one of the establishment’s concierges. A revelation. As a young adult, Beth wins numerous championships. But while glory stretches out its arms to her, she sinks into addiction to the Librium (a powerful anxiolytic distributed in her orphanage, Editor’s note), while trying to face her painful past. “I’ve never had such a connection with a character,” Anya said in a video interview for The Collider. And for good reason: the actress, who considers this heroine with nihilistic impulses to be “very close to her”, herself had a very difficult childhood.

At 6, she arrived in London from her native Argentina: uprooted, she refused to learn English!

Born in Miami and raised in Argentina, Anya was uprooted from her adopted country at the age of 6. Freshly arrived in London, with only her innocence and her mastery of the Spanish language as baggage, the little girl quickly closed in on herself. “I refused to learn English when we moved to London,” she recalls. “I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. Too Argentinian to be English, too American to be anyone.”

Far from fading over time, that feeling was exacerbated by the academic bullying she suffered in college. A victim of contempt and violence from her classmates, who locked her in the locker rooms and made fun of her physique, Anya lost self-confidence. “I spent a lot of time crying in the bathroom,” she tells W Magazine. “I stopped looking at myself in the mirrors for a very long time.

Harassed in college, she goes to the United States at 14: her parents can only bow

Too many provocative, this photo of a fish shared on Facebook by a student, who compared him to Anya, then 14 years old, mocking her “googly eyes”. The teenager has the courage to say stop, she packs her bags and flies to the United States, where she wants to continue her education. Her parents, a banker and a designer are in shock, but don’t hold her back. The well-being of their daughter comes first.

“We are social creatures, emphasizes the actress. We cannot be happy if we are not accepted.” Now dubbed by her peers and by the public, and acclaimed by the critics, Anya takes her revenge thanks to Beth, her alter ego, a damaged child who knew how to thwart the blows of fate … and overcome all failures. Such a Hollywood combination!

Anya Taylor-Joy © BESTIMAGE

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