Antonio Banderas: who is his first wife Ana Leza?

This Monday, August 10, 2020, Antonio Banderas celebrates his 60th birthday. The opportunity to take a little interest in the private life of the Spanish actor, known above all for having played the character of Zorro in the cinema. At the start of his career, the filmmaker shared the life of an actress born in Madrid. This is Ana Arana Leza, herself the daughter of an actress. In 1987, the couple were united by the sacred bonds of marriage.

The lovers give each other several times in films, especially in Spain, including El Placer de Matar (with Victoria Abril, in 1988), Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown by Pedro Almodovar (released in 1988), Philadelphia (1993 ), but also D’amour et d’ombres (1994). Ana Leza may play with her husband, but the latter manages to grab the spotlight. The actress has a real importance in the life of José Antonio Dominguez Bandera of his real name since she teaches him English and thus offers him the possibility of breaking into Hollywood. She also translated the screenplay for the American film The Mambo Kings, released in 1992 on the big screens.

Former lovers who remarried

A little less than ten years after their marriage, the lovebirds decide to divorce and it is the actor who takes care of the legal costs. Ana Leza manages to get their house located in Madrid which costs 3.4 million euros. She managed to acquire 50% of all future profits from her ex-husband concerning his rights to 25 films in which he played until 1995. On May 14, 1996, Antonio Banderas married actress Melanie Griffith. Four months later, the couple welcome a little Stella del Carmen into their life. Their romantic relationship lasted until June 2015. For her part, Ana Leza remarried on November 26, 2000 with editor Dharma Villareal.


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