Antonio Banderas confided in the columns of Public magazine about a generally taboo subject: money. A multimillionaire thanks to his profession as an actor and his participation in many major films, the Spaniard remains a very humble person. In his interview, he justifies this behavior in these terms: “I owe it to my parents and to my years of drought. I started out in the anonymity of the theaters of Madrid, I didn’t even have enough put chorizo ​​in my salad! “

But that time is far gone today for Antonio Banderas, whose bank account is very large. However, as he explains later in this interview, the actor is not one of those who spend their fortune indiscriminately. Here’s why: “I’m not the type to squander half a million dollars to get my membership at a country golf club. I have simple, popular tastes.”

Antonio Banderas reveals having had to give Melanie Griffith one of his Picasso paintings following their divorce

Defining himself as an ultimately very ordinary man, Antonio Banderas was however once in possession of paintings by the painter Pablo Picasso … Not without humor, he also evokes these works by revealing that his separation from Melanie Griffith will have earned him to get rid of one of his paintings, precisely! He remembers: “Imagine that I had two (Picasso paintings, editor’s note)! But after my divorce from Melanie, I had to leave her one! I regret it. I should have negotiated something else. ” This is certain!

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