A moving testimony. This Wednesday, October 12, W9 is broadcasting an issue of Criminal Investigation entitled Anthony Laroche: a lover too good to be true. This report returns to the filthy scheme put in place by Jack Sion. This resident of Nice was tried for “surprise rape” after several complaints. To attract female victims, he posed as a young interior designer named Anthony Laroche on social media. He then invited them to his home, on the Promenade des Anglais, blindfolded them so that they wouldn’t recognize him. “All those who came to my house wanted to experience something erotic, an encounter with a stranger,” he said during his trial.

“The mask is only of interest if you don’t know the person. I found it more erotic, the dominant male, the more submissive woman, the ladies like it a lot, moreover, they love it”, had he defended during his trial. In the W9 report, an alleged victim of Anthony Laroche gave chilling testimony. Sophie met this man on the internet before being invited to his home. “I told him I was downstairs. He opened the door for me and so I went straight up,” she recalls. When pushing Jack Sion’s door, she says she had a bad feeling. “When I got home, I had a little moment of hesitation when I saw the shadows of the furniture. I said to myself: ‘for an interior designer, it’s true that I didn’t expect to that as decoration'”, says Sophie. And to reconsider what they had agreed upon before seeing each other.

Jack Sion appealed his conviction

“Initially, it was he who had to put the blindfold on me. He said to me: ‘in the bathroom, there is the blindfold, you undress and then I come to get you’, describes the one who therefore never got to see the face of the one she had just returned to. I was carried away by her voice and by the impatience, the desire to make it all happen. I did not see at all the unhealthy side behind , no way.” What she would have experienced sends shivers down her spine. “He laid me on the bed, he was the one who managed everything. At the beginning we had to touch each other, discover each other… Except that he didn’t want me to touch him. He started to become a bit more aggressive in his voice and that’s when I realized something was wrong. I was scared of what might happen next,” she recalls.

“I thought to myself, ‘if you refuse or if you struggle, what can he do, what can happen?’ Out of fear, I let him do it,” adds Sophie, still traumatized. Sentenced by the assizes of the Hérault to eight years in prison, Jack Sion appealed against the judgment. He will thus be judged on appeal by the Assizes of the Alpes-Maritimes in 2023. In 2014, a woman filed a complaint before two other complaints were filed. The investigators had found in his notebook more than 300 names of women.

Anthony Laroche case: "I let him do it", the chilling story of a surprise rape victim

Anthony Laroche case © W9

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