Anthony Hopkins celebrated his 85th birthday on December 31, 2022. Suffice to say, the British-American actor is an essential icon of cinema as his merits are numerous. Except that this success in his professional life in no way reflects the happiness of his personal life. After all, Anthony Hopkins is a father who fell out with his daughter. A girl he hasn’t heard from for 20 years! However, there was a time when the actor willingly presented himself alongside his daughter Abigail on the red carpet.

Note that Abigail, born in 1968, is the result of the relationship between Anthony Hopkins and Petronella Barker, his first wife. This estrangement between father and daughter, Anthony Hopkins had mentioned it recently on the air of Radio Times. When asked if he had any grandchildren, he simply replied, “I don’t know.” “People break up. Families break up. And in those cases, you know, you have to go on living your life. People make choices,” the actor continued, adding, “And I don’t care. card, one way or the other. You don’t have to love your family. Children don’t necessarily love their father.” “Yes, it’s cold. It’s cold, just like life,” concluded Anthony Hopkins.

Anthony Hopkins: ‘She felt abandoned’

An investigation by the Daily Mail revealed that Anthony Hopkins and his daughter have never been close. After all, the singer and actress lives in London while her father is settled in the United States. Abigail’s friends reportedly told the Daily Mail that she blames her father for not being around much. Besides, father and daughter did not see each other more than once a year. Abigail Hopkins would also be angry with her father for having made her mother suffer. The actor would have left the latter just a year after his birth for a secretary met on a set.

Anthony Hopkins: why has he been at odds with his daughter for over twenty years?

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