At 83, Anthony Hopkins continues to shine in the cinema. The actor, to whom we owe one of the most mythical and disturbing roles of the 7th art, continues to surprise spectators and critics. A few months ago, it was by playing the role of Anthony in Florian Zeller’s The Father that he blew everyone away. His incarnation of an old man gradually losing his memory and control of his life earned him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the last American ceremony. “I have rarely felt so good on set. It was the opposite of American blockbusters: everything was very contained, from the dialogues to the sets, he confided in the columns of the World. This gave the film great cohesion, a form of wholeness. Instinctively, I felt that it would mark the spectators. “

And if he has achieved such a performance as an actor, it is also because the character he played resembles him in a way. “I totally identified with him. Of course, I don’t suffer from dementia … (…) The only freedom I took, with respect to the script, was to specify the exact day of my birth. , when the doctor asks me: Friday December 31, 1937. It was a question of proving that I was perfectly well! I am very obsessive, I love details “, continued Anthony Hopkins to our colleagues, proud to be capable of “freezing our blood”, like his most famous characters like Hannibal Lecter, in The Silence of the Lambs. “It’s instinctive, almost animal,” he analyzed in Le Monde.

Why didn’t Anthony Hopkins like school?

“I am neither a psychologist nor a zoologist, but I understand the power of stillness and threat: if I stare at a dog, it will end up attacking me, because it will feel in danger”, continued Anthony Hopkins before reveal a totally crazy anecdote from his childhood, spent largely in a boarding school for boys: “As a child, I was not very good in class. I was harassed by my teachers and my classmates: so I stared at them, silence. And they stopped “. A mediocre student, Anthony Hopkins had a rather chaotic education. “I sucked at school, a real failure, a fool. I was anti-social and I didn’t care about other people … I didn’t know what I was doing there, he said. explained a few years ago. That’s why I became an actor. “

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