The message is clear: don’t ask too much of Anthony Delon. Since June 2019, he has seen the members of his clan constantly questioned about the state of health of his father, Alain Delon. So much so that the Franco-American actor seized his Instagram account in the afternoon of Monday, January 10 to relay a virulent message. Because, he is clear: he is fed up by the repeated speculations around the health of the Cheetah. So he reacted to a headline from the Gala magazine website. The magazine subtly criticized him for his “intriguing silence.” Believing that he had no account to render to the press, he rebelled. “Finally shit !!”, he begins, “we don’t have to always tell everything either!”

Message punctuated with the hashtag “#ToutVaBien”, to reassure the public. Undoubtedly alarmed by the acidic message of Anthony Delon, the magazine Gala opted for a change of title. But the damage has been done. It must be said that the main concerned prefers to preserve his father Alain Delon. Indeed, with our colleagues from Télé Star, magazine on newsstands from this Monday, January 10, he simply slipped not wanting to evoke the state of health of the sacred monster. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he said. No more no less.

Alain Delon: “I had two strokes”

But if Anthony Delon opts to play the game of discretion, Alain Delon does indeed have his head. “I’m fine. I had two strokes”, he confided in front of the cameras of the TV5 Monde channel in July 2021. “For the moment, apart from walking with a cane, I’m doing very well. is my nature, first and foremost … I’ll be in business before I die, because I intend to make one last movie – and not just any movie. And after that I can go. ” Two months later, the father-son duo appeared united at the funeral of Alain Delon’s great friend, Jean-Paul Belmondo.

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