Kad Merad is no longer a heart to take. For many years, he spins the perfect love in the arms of Julia Vignali. On Monday January 3, 2022, the lovers met on the Télématin plateau. Indeed, the actor was invited to promote Friends, a play in which he plays and which he directed. However, when it came time to speak to the woman he loved, he was a little embarrassed. “Hello Damien, hello uh, here it is,” said Kad Merad, addressing Julia Vignali. “We could have done the show at home, that would have suited me. That way, we would have had less to get up early,” the actor then joked. Fortunately, the production also preferred to laugh at the situation by asking Thomas Sotto to make a short video since he was replaced by Damien Thévenot, on the set, while he was in contact.

“I’m really pissed off, it seems that there is Kad Merad in Télématin. I spend more than half of my nights with his wife, I don’t know if he is aware of it. Suddenly, I prefer not to go out (…) You say that I am in contact “, he declared in a video which made Kad Merad laugh a lot. It was then necessary to resume the course of the show, and Julia Vignali tried to keep her calm while she was talking to him. “Sounds weird, isn’t it?” Commented Damien Thévenot.

Kad Merad is in a relationship with Julia Vignali

“Anyway, I suspected that it was going to happen one day or another then,” said the actor who knew very well that he would one day be a guest of the show. At the end of the show, while his companion was enumerating the list of tour dates for Kad Merad’s play, specifying that it would be visible “everywhere in France”, the actor was still allowed to add: “I won’t be home much apparently”. Enough to make people laugh on the set.

Kad Merad and Julia Vignali © France 2

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