Even the children of the biggest stars on the planet end up being ashamed of their parents. Jay Z paid the price this Monday, June 13, while attending an NBA game with his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. As the 52-year-old rapper followed the meeting between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, the ten-year-old girl seemed elsewhere. An exchange between the father and the daughter nevertheless made the rounds of the Web. Wearing adorable curls, and wearing a black leather jacket that fits like a glove, Beyoncé’s daughter is not only endowed with a keen sense of fashion. The latter has proven to the world that she also has a strong character.

Noticed by the commentator, Jay Z wants to pose for the camera. The father therefore puts an arm around Blue Ivy’s neck to hug her. “Dad, my hair!” her lips read as she pushes him away. Smiling, Jay Z still manages to kiss the little supporter, little captivated by the match. This sequence posted on Twitter went viral on June 14, shared en masse by Internet users who rave about the resemblance of the little girl and her parents, of whom she is the spitting image. If to explain his behavior, some put forward the hypothesis of a crisis of early adolescence, others envisage a simple embarrassment, due to the presence of the cameras, or quite simply the desire to keep his superb hairstyle intact.

Blue Ivy, 10 years old and already in the footsteps of Jay Z and Beyoncé

This is far from Blue Ivy’s first appearance in public. Born in 2012, the eldest of Beyoncé and Jay Z has already accompanied her parents in multiple media events, such as the Super Bowl or the Grammy Awards. In 2020, during the first confinement, Blue Ivy appeared in a video on Instagram published by her grandmother Tina Knowles, in which she reminded the importance of washing her hands. In May 2020, she cut off her grandmother who wished a happy birthday to “all the beautiful moms” in the company of singer Kelly Rowland. “And don’t forget all the beautiful girls who are there too, and of which I am a part,” she had shouted in the background, causing the two women to laugh. In February 2021, the budding fashion-victim posed in the new campaign for her mother’s clothing brand, Icy Park. A star is definitely about to be born.

To us: Jay Z, the all time rap legend To Blue Ivy: embarrassing dad pic.twitter.com/yOsIpBUVyz

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