Known as @stefdag on TikTok, Stephanie regularly shares entertaining videos of her dating stories. His more than 32,000 subscribers thus follow his “quest for the ideal partner” and, above all, his setbacks.

Recently, the young woman shared online a form of a few questions sent to her ex having “ghosted” her overnight. Hilariously, she hopes to get the reason why he left her in the lurch.

A devastating rejection

“So recently, I was ghosted by a guy I didn’t even like,” commented Stephanie in one of her videos. “Obviously it was devastating. So I emailed him this ghosting exit survey to fill out,” she added, inviting her subscribers to use it as they please.

sarcastic responses

Revealing the questions in it, it read: “Question one: ‘Please provide a one or two-sentence example of why you did this’.” In order to help her ex-partner, she suggests some sarcastic standard responses such as “You were intimidated by my beauty. You hate yourself. You are broken. I’m too good for you.”

Multiple choice questionnaire

In number two, the young woman suggested “Circle if I am more cute, sexy or pretty and just know that the only valid answer is to circle them all”. As a third question, Stephanie waited for her partner to explain why he hadn’t simply answered that the previous question was misogynistic.

Necessary compensation

Continuing her questionnaire, the young woman then ironically asked that she be provided “Names, emails, telephone number of at least two of her exes and her biological mother in order to start a group discussion”. Finally, it indicated that some form of compensation was necessary. “You could opt for something simple like sending me your passwords to various streaming services and your social security number” was among the proposals.

Try to win her back

Concluding her hilarious list, Stephanie simply asked to become the muse of the person who turned her down. “Consecrate your life to winning me back,” she insisted. “It could be anything like my voicemail in a rap song, cut off your ear and send it to me, I don’t know,” she laughed. “Or simply by describing me as thin in a novel” she added again.

A popular idea

Under her video, Stephanie admitted that she had not received a response to her questionnaire. His subscribers, loving the idea, did not hesitate to like and comment on his publication. “Oh my God, this may be the most incredible thing I have ever seen” noted a subscriber. A second underlined “I want to send this to my ex so badly! “. Finally, a third concluded “This is the most fabulous answer I have ever seen from a ghosted person! “.

Annoyed at being ghosted by men, she creates a hilarious exit form


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