Announced dead by mistake, Tanya Roberts finally died at the age of 65

New twist in the announcement of the death of actress Tanya Roberts. While her agent reconsidered the declaration of her death, it turns out that she is indeed dead at the age of 65. As reported by the TMZ site, the actress who played a James Bong girl on the big screens died Monday, January 4, 2021 in the evening at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Note that it was the day before, Sunday January 3, that the death of Tanya Roberts had been announced. Her companion, Lance O’Brien, who had visited her in the hospital after a call from the nursing staff believed she had passed away that day. As he saw her open her eyes and then closed them again, he thought she was passing out. Without contacting a doctor, he then announced his death to his agent.

Finally, a few hours later, Lance O’Brien would have received a call from the hospital specifying that Tanya Roberts was still alive while he was in the middle of an interview with TMZ. “Now are you telling me she’s alive?” he first launched, surprised. “Oh thank you Lord, thank you my God” he would then have added before declaring to the reporter: “The hospital tells me that she is alive. I am so happy”. For its part, TMZ has finally had confirmation of the death of Tanya Roberts, the cult actress of Charlie’s Angels.

Death of Tanya Roberts: what did the actress die of?

As a reminder, according to the American media, the ex-girlfriend of Barry Roberts collapsed at her home on Christmas Eve when she had just returned from a walk with her dogs. She was rushed to hospital and placed on life support, but her health did not improve. As his agent clarified, the death of Tanya Roberts was therefore not linked to Covid-19. His funeral should take place in complete privacy.

Tanya Roberts © Agency

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