It has been almost a year since Elizabeth II said goodbye to the love of her life. On April 9, 2021, Prince Philip breathed his last at the age of 99. Despite her health problems, Her Majesty has never ceased to honor the memory of her husband and does not intend to stop there. After attending a service in her honor at Westminster, she is preparing to commemorate the first anniversary of Prince Philip’s death. No ceremony planned, Queen Elizabeth II chose a more personal way to honor her late husband. At the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, she will organize an exhibition which will include one of the most emblematic outfits of the Duke of Edinburgh: a naval uniform which he wore as well as his cap of Admiral of the Navy British.

This uniform will be exhibited from this Saturday, April 9, the exact date of the first anniversary of his death. Prince Philip’s items will be part of an exhibition organized by the museum to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, during which an emphasis will be placed on her links with the Royal Navy, of which her husband was a part. The museum also received a donation of 41 holsters from the gun salute fired to commemorate Philip’s death. “The Queen also has a deeper and more personal connection to the Royal Navy and was born into a family steeped in Royal Navy service, a spokesperson for the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth said. and granddaughter of monarchs who served as young men in the Royal Navy, she later married a serving naval officer and two of her sons became naval officers.”

Elizabeth II: “I miss him”

“Photographs exploring the Queen’s long and loyal service and a recently acquired naval uniform belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh displayed for the first time next to his admiral’s cap, add an intimate touch to the exhibition”, a- he added. For Elizabeth II, this will therefore be an excellent way to pay a new tribute to her husband. As she did in her last Christmas speech, the first since the death of her “rock”. The 95-year-old monarch said she had “taken great comfort” from the many tributes she has received since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. She then cited “her sense of duty, her intellectual curiosity and her ability to have fun in any situation”. “The mischievous, questioning sparkle (in his eyes) was as bright at the end as when I first laid eyes on him,” she said. my family, I know he would want us to enjoy Christmas.”

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